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Ascend Technologies Limited (ATL) is a research oriented SME which provides solutions to challenging problems in engineering and science by application of mathematical models and computer simulations (MMCS). ATL's multidisciplinary team has expertise across several industries and research areas and employs mathematical models helped by computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computational physics, data analysis and machine learning algorithms.
ATL helps other companies complete their projects timely and efficiently.
ATL can provide assistance with projects at all phases, starting from project goals through analysis of processes and physics involved, development of mathematical models and finally employment of computer simulations leading to required solutions. Ascend Technologies can also produce custom software according to given requirements.
We look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you your project requirements.

Engineering and Construction

Ascend Technologies provides design of industrial plants, enhancing the existing plants for increased capacity, design of bagging and palletising systems for industrial plants, design of elevators in industrial plants, design of control systems and ESD for product plants, design of metering packages for liquids and gases, and design of renewable energy plants.

Dust Collector Systems

Ascend Technologies provides design of dust collection systems including estimations of required air flow, vacuum pressure, minimum required air velocity, and air to cloth ratio. The design process includes CFD models in order to obtain the optimal design for each application.

Models and Simulations

Ascend Technologies provides support to companies by employing mathematical models and computer simulations (MMCS) to solving challenging problems. Application of MMCS shortens the required time for problem solution leading to reduced costs. The number of expensive measurements and physical testing is either reduced or completely eliminated, which, while shortening the project length enables exploring larger parameter space giving more confidence to the obtained solutions.

Product Design

Ascend Technologies relies on a team of experienced design engineers to provides support to companies wishing to modernize, improve and/or optimise the current products, or to design new products or components. The Ascend Technologies team employs mathematical models and computer simulations to bring the innovative element into the design process giving the designed products a competitive edge in the target market. We are among the few companies which can offer expertise in personalised products development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the state-of-the-art modelling and simulation techniques available to all companies interested in innovation and engineering design, helping this way their growth and competitiveness. Though our main focus is on small and medium enterprises, we also help larger enterprises by solving specific challenging problems that they encounter. We approach every project in a manner that will guarantee utmost professionalism and outstanding results.

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